Boracay Attractions

Kingfisher's Farm

With an abundance of birds, mangroves, coves and natural panoramic view, it is an ideal place to unwind and relax away from the action-packed White Beach. Located in Lugotan, opposite boat station 3, Kinfisher’s Farm is the only theme park that features a customary Filipino fish-farm dwelled by Bangus (milkfish) and Tilapia. It is certainly ideal for families or group of friends who fancy a quiet scene where they can grill, dine and indulge in recreational activities together.

Mt. Luho

It is the highest elevation on Boracay Island with 100 meters above sea level. Climbers may reach the top by hiking, mountain biking or motor biking. Atop it is a little kiosk that offers refreshments to quench the thirst of onlookers who want to take a break from their uphill trip and relish the view of the entire Bolabog Beach.

Sunken Forest

Also known as Dead Forest, the demise of this woodland is a result of a strong typhoon that occurred a decade ago, which broke the dams of its fishpond and thereby destroying its jade-like mangroves. Regardless of its history, Sunken Forest is still a picturesque sight in the south end of Bolabog Beach that radiates romance and inspiration for nature lovers.

Kat-Tir Shell Museum

Located at Ilig-Iligan Beach, this Oriental-inspired museum showcases a wide array of phenomenal sea shells, pottery, wood carvings, ancient Chinese artifacts, and intrinsic handmade costumes representing the diverse influences on Philippine tradition.

The Tirol Heritage Museum

In homage to the Chinese traders who during the early times considered Boracay Island as their stopover before heading to Mindanao, Gloria and Roberto Tirol founded this private museum at the northern side of the White Beach, displaying Chinese relics and ancient remains representing Boracay Island’s history.

Bat Caves

At the north east coast of Yapak, the Bat Caves quarters an opulence of cave bats, flying foxes and giant fruit bats with a wingspan of up to four feet. Spelunkers and adventurers mindlessly explore the cave despite its stench and countless bat drippings. Environmentalists, on the other hand would rather leave the fruit bats to their daytime sleep and wait for the sunset at the White Beach while hundreds of bats take their nocturnal flight above the horizon. Meanwhile, tourists who would want to experience this manifestation can easily hire a local guide to lead them through the jungle-paths on the way to the cave.

Adventure Malay

Unbeknownst to the majority, the bigger part of the Municipality of Malay lies on the Mainland. Its natural magnificence produces a farm with rice fields and a rain forest with numerous tropical birds, rivers, caves, waterfalls. Trips can be arranged on Boracay Island.

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