About Boracay

Boracay Island is a combination of crystally clear waters, powdery sand beaches that squeak when walked on, and lush hilly landscapes into a tropical paradise, that's guaranteed to fascinate and lull visitors into tranquil harmony with its simplistic beauty. Visitors commonly refer to Boracay as a breath-taking, unbelievably magical Island. A paradise set in the unspoilt South China Seas.

This little gem, only seven kilometers long and one kilometer wide at its narrowest point, is located just off the northern tip of its mother Visayan island of Panay. The northern and southern parts of the island rise into picturesque hills, with elevations of 100 meters above sea level, that face the sea with weather worn cliffs. The Island has numerous scattered villages ( 'sitio's' ) interconnected by a maze of intriguing jungle pathways.

Boracay boasts one of the world's finest beaches - White Beach, a broad 3.5 kilometer stretch of powder-fine sand, washed by crystal clear water. At Nigi Nigi you are fortunate to be ideally located at the center of White Beach, conveniently situated to all the main activities. Boracay's pure white beaches are a sun worshipper's heaven on earth. Just lazing under the tropical sun is a favorite vacation pastime.

White Beach runs almost the entire length of the western side of the island. During the summer season ( December till July ) White Beach is the leeward shore which results in calm, turquoise seas, ideal for frolics in its warm water to cool off from the summer's tropical heat. During this period the opposite, eastern side, forms the windward shore, with almost continuous onshore winds and protective reef that are ideal for both the novice and the experienced wind surfer. The eastern shore also contains numerous sheltered and picturesque bays, rewarding the ardent walker with many great scenic views.

The main beaches are dotted with water sports outlets, offering the latest equipment for rental and expert instruction at reasonable prices, including scuba diving, sailboats, ( native outriggers ) and wind surfers. Boracay is becoming Asia's most popular dive school location with good shallow coral dives and drop-offs to depths of thirty meters being within easy reach, while the more experienced and adventurous may try a cave dive at Black Rock ( 'Buruanga' ) or Maniguin Island a distance of three hours by native outrigger, which is popular among shark enthusiasts. To record the captivating underwater scenery, underwater photography and video equipment is available.

For more leisurely pursuits, many local fishermen and holiday resorts offer all-day around the island trips by motorized bangkas, with stop-offs at the northern caves, near Yapak, home of Boracay's giant fruit bats, locally called "Flying Monsters" and the 'Kar-tir' Sea Shell Museum with Filipino craft displays in Ilig-Iligan.

For active landlubbers the Island's center extends a natural invitation to hike or mountain bike its many trails, criss- crossing its gently hilly slopes, while offering occasional glimpses of far-off sandy coves, fringed by palm trees. Your hike could extend to Puka Shell Beach, located on the Island's northern tip, facing Carabao Island. Puka Beach is the home of Boracay's famous and at one time plentiful Puka shells.

At sunset, a two hour or so walk along the length of White Beach attracts many early evening strollers, before the serenity of the ocean views are over-taken by the awakening of Boracay's night life, offering numerous economically priced restaurants, discos, movie houses and cozy bars that add an international flair to the evening.

At the end of the day watch the spectacular sunsets from the Nigi Nigi beach front bar which offers over 50 expertly mixed tropical cocktails to titillate your early evening taste buds on a buy one get one free basis.

Boracay offers an ideal escape from civilization, but if one needs to remain in contact with the outside world, international phone, fax and e-mail services are available.

Boracay is on the brink of worldwide recognition, which within the next five years will probably convert its current tranquillity into the hub-bub of a major commercialized tourist venue.

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